Why Do Men Dream of Slovakian Women?

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If you have found yourself in the Slovak Republic, you will like the local Slovakian women. Although it is a relatively cold and humid country in Central Europe, the beauty of local girls compensates for the unfriendly continental climate. You can meet a Slovakian woman to have an affair with her and marry her as well.

Girls in the Slovak Republic look quite attractive and feminine. If you have heard stereotypes about Slavic women, then Slovakian women perfectly illustrate all ideas about their beauty. The Slavs have a special type of beauty with a familiar European appearance. Most often, you meet beautiful women with harmonic facial features, light brown or blond hair, gray or blue eyes. They have a very feminine figure. If you are American, German, French, or Russian, then you will not find any distinct differences in the appearance of Slovak women from your female compatriots.

Who Seek to Date with Popular Slovakian Women

Beautiful Slovakian women have the same advantages as all women in Central Europe. The cultural and historical environment determines some mentality and lifestyle features that you will have to reckon with. The Slovak Republic has long been under the influence of the Soviet Union, being united with the Czech Republic until 1989. The country entered the Eurozone only in 2009. Like other countries of the former Soviet bloc, Slovakia does not have a particularly high standard of living, but it is a fully developed country. Family values ​​are firm here, and religion plays an important role in society. Slovak young people respect their elders and have fairly strong moral principles.

Certain features of life in Slovakia may surprise a European or an American. You may be surprised, but many Slovakian singles up to 35 years old live with their parents and get separate housing only after marriage. Many Slovakian women live in the countryside with their parents. Although this is a European country with democratic values, local women still prefer the traditional female professions of teachers, doctors, nurses, and other feminine jobs. If you need a beautiful, modest and pious wife, then the Slovakian girl meets your requirements.

Europeans and Americans find Slovakian women very attractive. They have nice facial features with big eyes, a small nose, and puffy lips. You can find diversity among women: on Slovakian dating sites, you can meet classic European women with brown hair, as well as blond women and red-haired girls. Sexy Slovakian women with bleached hair and bright make-up are less common. Most women prefer casual clothes, and they like to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for a week. Unlike Ukrainian women who like to dress and make up catchy, local females in Slovakia have no such tendency. The Slovak language is unusual for English-speaking or French-speaking people. Meanwhile, for Russians, Ukrainians, and Poles, the local speech is quite familiar since it has many common Slavic roots in language.

Are Slovakian Girls Good Wives and Lovers?

Slovakian women differ in patriarchal values ​​in comparison with other Europeans and Slavs. The influence of religion and church, as well as family traditions, is rather strong in Slovakia. Free relations and cohabitation without marriage are allowed here but are not appreciated. Having married, women adhere to fidelity to their husbands, and divorces are quite rare here. However, among young people, free relationships are more common. You can meet an attractive student for dates and flirting, but you should not wait for fast sex right away. Although many Slovakian girls dress modern, go to clubs, and meet men on websites, they are not those uncomplex French or free American women.

At the same time, hot Slovakian girls often go abroad and work in the modeling industry. You can find a lot of attractive women in Slovakia in famous fashion magazines. Nevertheless, this is a fairly conservative country. This is good for those who are looking for a decent wife of Slavic origin, but if you are looking for sexy Slovakian women for a one-night stand, then you will have to take more effort than in another country.

Difference between Slovakian Woman and Others: Beautiful and Traditional

Slovakian women combine allegiance for family and home with a career. Many local women have an education and a well-paid position, and many females work in the tourism sector. The agricultural industry is also well-developed in Slovakia, and many women are employed. An average Slovakian woman can be quite energetic and active, as well as a homemaker. Most women in Slovakia cook well, and the local cuisine here is delicious and nutritious.


  • Slovakian Women Are Traditional

Most Slovakian women are reliable enough in family relationships; they remain good wives to their men and take care of children with pleasure. Although many women work equally to men, most household chores fall on their shoulders.

  • Slovakian Women Are Pious

Among local women in Slovakia, a culture of free sexual relations is not very common, although some Slovakian girls have experience with men. Since they have strong family ties, they always reckon with the opinions of senior and religious mentors.

  • Slovakian Women Are Independent

You can see the contradiction between tradition and independence of Slovakian women. However, in this European country, women have equal rights to work and education here. Slovakia is one of the few countries where a woman takes the presidency.

  • Slovak Women are Religious

Religion plays a vital role for Slovaks. Many of them are sincere believers, while others simply pay tribute to family traditions. Nevertheless, church services for Slovaks are an integral part of social and spiritual life. If you need a traditional Slovakian wife of your faith, then you can find here both Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Lutherans.


  • Slovakian Women Behave Aloofly

In Slovakia, both men and women are entirely closed and reserved, and here it is not customary to express emotions in public. Therefore, a Slovakian woman can behave with a stranger quite restrained and even alienated. Again, strict family values ​​and traditions, supported by religious morality, are affecting. A cold climate and rural lifestyle also affect their usual style of behavior.

  • Slovakian Women Do Not Seek Fast Relationships

Although Slovakian women are quite emancipated and have complete freedom of action, they are reluctant to agree to short-term datings. You can decide for yourself whether it is good or bad for you, as it all depends on a particular man and a specific woman. Overall, this is good for traditional Slovakian wives and men who tend to a serious relationship.

  • Slovakian Women Depend on Their Parents

Many young Slovakian girls, as well as older women, live with their parents for a long time. So, your Slovakian girlfriend can barely invite you in after several dates, and you will be forced to look for another place to spend time together.

Winning the Sympathy of a Beautiful Slovakian Woman?

If you want to win the heart of the beautiful Slovakian woman, you must be a serious and thorough man who respects family values, traditions, and religion. Slovakia is a good country for those who are looking for a serious wife or permanent girl, so you should not behave too aggressively and show a brutal sexual interest in a woman.

Be a Reliable Man

If you are looking for Slovakian women for marriage, local people will welcome you to their circle. Your future Slovakian wife supposes to see you have serious intentions, and not just fun or a couple for a short time. Most Slovakian women are not interested in men who are not going to stay in the country for long. If you are talking about a girl from Slovakia in another country, you should also prove to her that you are not just another boyfriend.

Show Respect for Your Own Family and Religious Values

Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and other branches of Christianity are quietly coexisting in Slovakia, and most Slovakian brides do not mind if their fiancé belongs to a different denomination. It is much more essential for them so that you respect your family traditions, and you have to show how you will behave in family life. Most single Slovakian women are serious about how you behave with your mother.

Do Not Rush to Bed

To many men, most Slovakian women seem rather old-fashioned, but this does not mean that they will be bored in relationships. Although strict family and religious values ​​limit them in free sexual relations, for the rest, they are lovely and independent women.

What Do Slovakian Brides Seek in Relationships?

To communicate with Slovakian women, you must be a serious and thorough man and have a good reputation. Also, do the following:

  • do not force sexual relations, take your time;
  • be reliable, take care during courtship;
  • do not neglect religion, even if you are an atheist;
  • do not quarrel with her parents and other relatives;
  • do not make sexist and chauvinist statements;
  • leave the girl more free space, do not be too intrusive.

Where Can You Meet Slovakian Brides in 2020?

You can find a beautiful Slovakian woman:

  • at work or college;
  • in the company of mutual friends or relatives;
  • in online dating sites.

Dating sites are quite popular among Slovakian women. You can find many interesting profiles, but be ready to spend a lot of time online chatting before meeting a woman in reality.

How to Choose Reliable Slovakian Dating Websites?

Dating platforms can bring both pleasant surprises and disappointments. If you have seen a lot of hot Slovakian women on the site in a too plain outfit and defiant make-up, then this is most likely a scam trap or sex for money. Real women in Slovakia behave more modestly both in life and on the web.

Reviews about User’s Experience and Recommendations

Many Slovakian dating sites publish user reviews, and you can focus on them and decide whether to sign up on a specific platform or choose another.

Quantity of Members Is Not Illustrative

An average Slovakian dating agency does not always show the actual number of active users, and many accounts may be inactive or banned. If you want to see profiles of real beautiful Slovakian women, choose dating sites with a good rating and working for several years.

Personal Data Protection and Protocol Encryption

Security at Slovakian dating sites has the same principles as other European sites. You can be calm about your data since most platforms require only a phone number or email. You can seek for Slovakian mail order brides using search filters by specific parameters and location.

Pricing and Fees for Signing and Subscription

If you want to meet real hot Slovakian women, be ready to pay for registration or subscription. Some sites are free, but they may have limited functionality. The average fee is about $ 0.50- $ 0.70 per day, while a premium account is about $ 0.5-1.0 per day. Best places for meetings offer paid options, such as video chats, gift sharing, messenger, and others.

Mobile Version for Your Best Convenience

Best Slovakian women for sale use mobile versions of dating sites, as it is more convenient. Many platforms have only a mobile application without the desktop version since they have more options for communication than a PC platform.

The 5 Best Slovakian Dating Sites And Apps That Work!

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Check Out The TOP-10 Hottest Slovakian Women

Below you can see a list of the most beautiful girls of Slovakia. Most of them are world-class top models and photo models. Top fashion brands and famous designers appreciate the beauty of Slovakian women.

Barbora Lučivjanská

Basic info:

  • Born: October 25, 1992
  • Astrological Sign: Scorpio
  • Instagram Account: @barbellay

The "Miss World 2013" and one of the hottest Slovakian women are very popular on Instagram and other social media. Many are looking for photos of this beautiful girl, admiring the natural beauty of her face and figure. She has very gentle Slavic features with thick long hair, blue eyes, and expressive eyebrows. You can call her the most beautiful woman from Slovakia!

Zuzana Gregorová

Basic info:

  • Born: August 14, 1989
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Instagram Account: @zuzana_gregorova

This hot Slovakian woman is a famous model known for her beautiful, sophisticated appearance. The girl has worked in modeling agencies since 2006. She took part in fashion shows of famous fashion labels such as Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana. The Slovak beauty has posed for Marie Claire and Vogue magazines, as well as L'Officiel and Revue de Modes covers. You can find her on Instagram and other social networks where she regularly publishes her photos.

Adriana Sklenaříková

Basic info:

  • Born: September 17, 1971
  • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Instagram Account: @sklenarikovaadriana

This hot Slovakian woman is known not only in Slovakia but also in America and Europe due to her beauty and high growth. At the beginning of her modeling career, she worked at Next (New York) and Elite Modeling (Milan) agencies. As an actress, Adriana appeared in several films, including Asterix at the Olympics (2008). In 2000, she was included in the Guinness Records with the longest legs among women. The length of her legs (from the lower back to the heels) is 125 cm!

Adriana Cernanova

Basic info:

  • Born:  April 15, 1991
  • Astrological Sign: Aries
  • Instagram Account: @adrianacernanova

Adriana Cernanova is a real hot Slovakian woman with an attractive and harmonious appearance and beautiful facial features. The successful modeling career allowed her to settle in Los Angeles. Chernanova participated in many fashion shows and photography sessions, having posed for GQ in a reasonably risky photo shoot with live lions. Admire the natural beauty of this fair-haired Slovak model and go to her page on Instagram!

Katarina Van Derham

Basic info:

  • Born: December 11, 1975
  • Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
  • Instagram Account: @katarinavanderham

This is another hot Slovakian woman with a catchy appearance and an interesting life story. Born in Slovakia, Van Derham came to the United States in 1998 at the age of 22, with only $ 500. The girl has been a vegetarian since she was 18 years old. The beauty received her noble name from her first husband, with whom she lived for several years in Los Angeles, USA. The modeling career of beauty began when she worked as a waitress in Santa Monica. During her successful career as a model, the girl appeared in more than 20 national and international print and television commercials, and over 60 magazine covers.

Martina Preissová

Basic info:

  • Born: October 21, 1975
  • Astrological Sign: Scorpio
  • Instagram Account: @martinavalkova909

Check out this hot Slovakian woman with a beautiful East Slavic appearance! She has regular and harmonious facial features, expressive blue eyes, and blond hair. The girl was born in Znojmo, Czechoslovakia, having a maiden name Stehlikova. The girl is a famous, talented actress, known for her work in the film Redakce (2004), Útek do Budína (2002), and Rapl (2016). Happily married for over ten years, she is raising a child for now.

Michaela Kocianova

Basic info:

  • Born: December 29, 1988
  • Astrological Sign: Capricorn
  • Instagram Account: @michaelakocianova

One of the hottest Slovakian women, Michaela Kocianova, is a famous international model. Being young enough, she took second place at the Elite Model Look contest in 2004. Since then, her modeling career has gone up, and she has taken part in many fashion projects, including working with the fashionable British brand Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, and John Galliano. She also participated in Victoria's Secret Fashion shows.

Kristína Krajčírová

Basic info:

  • Born: June 20, 1979
  • Astrological Sign: Gemini
  • Instagram Account: @kristinakraj

This hot Slovakian woman is also a famous top model known worldwide. In 2012, she became a beauty queen at a fairly mature age. The woman has also known for her slightly spicy photoshoots with a naked body, which has become very popular on the web. At the same time, the pictures were not vulgar but showed beautiful curves of her body.

Kyla (Martina) Cole

Basic info:

  • Born: November 10, 1978
  • Astrological Sign: Scorpio
  • Instagram Account: @kylacolemodelx

This truly hot Slovakian woman was born on 10 November 1978 in Presov, Czechoslovakia. She is one of the most scandalous and provocative Slovak models known for their participation in 18+ projects. Indeed, she has worked as the host of the erotic program Láskanie on the Slovak TV channel Marquise. She also has her official website www.kylacolemodel.net. There are rumors about the girl's bisexuality, as she prefers shooting in adult films only with women.

Gabriela Marcinková

Basic info:

  • Born: April 2, 1988
  • Astrological Sign: Taurus
  • Instagram Account: @gabrielamihalcinova

This hot Slovakian woman is a well-known film actress who took part in several prestigious film projects. She is best known for her role as Ani in the Byzantium (2012) film about vampires, directed by Neil Jordan. The girl is distinguished by her strong character and strength of character. Gabriela has wanted to become an actress since childhood, as she has a degree in the Performing Arts in Bratislava.


If you are looking for a beautiful girl with a bright Slavic appearance, delicate facial features, and flexible character, you will find her among Slovakian women. The beauty of Slovak women is due to the combination of harmonious facial features, slim figure, and beautiful hair. Many Slovak beauties are famous models by which you can judge about the beauty of the inhabitants of Slovakia. The beautiful Slovakian bride with an attractive appearance and pleasant character will make you a perfect couple.

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