Russian Women – Guide To Provide Perfect Dating

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Russian girls are famous for their tender beauty, good character, and sociability; that’s why this type of ethnic dating is in demand and has myriads of fans around the globe. Nothing surprising those women with Slavic facial features are incredibly attractive for foreign men. They possess strong magnetism having the chemistry of the thousand-year history in their eyes. Despite their gentle nature, they clearly understand their influence in a relationship. At the same time, Russian girls do not diminish the role that men play in a family.

Russian Singles – Popular Women for Marriage and Dating

Russian women usually focus on family values since they often hear about marriage from the very childhood. The patriarchal family structure dominates in their region, that’s why they used to marry at a relatively young age (up to 25 years old in the majority of cases). The patriarchy is also the reason why Russians are faithful while mane European women find polygamy reasonable.

If a conflict arises, they prefer to compromise rather than to opt for confrontation. These women are wise, and they place the interests of children above others. Besides, they always find the right words to speak for comfort and relax.  This feature is essential if a man has a stressful job.

On the other hand, the American and European trends significantly influenced the mindset of Russian women. They became more confident and stopped perceiving marriage as a way out of poverty. This small “extra” to their portrait made them even more charming and earnest.

Russian Girls – Beautiful Face and Tempting Bodies

Young Russian brides are the most beautiful and sexy because they try to keep themselves in shape, and they are careful about their diet. Fortunately, they stay apart from the worship of fast food and semi-finished products. Such a lifestyle determines smooth skin and slim body, beautiful hair, and nails.  Hot Russian girls stay hot forever since they used to continue to care for themselves even after marriage and childbirth because many women are employed or have their own business.

Difference between Russian Women and other Ethnicities

The list of Russian girls’ advantages and drawbacks displays not only bare facts but shows them in the context of comparison with other ethnicities. It is said that the soul of a Russian woman is a mystery; so, let’s try to figure it out.


  • They have a good-looking appearance throughout all phases of life, while many other women from other countries think it is not pertinent once their men have already married them.
  • They can strike a balance between modesty and familiarity, that’s why they don’t have any problems with intimacy but never look vulgar. For example, Asian girls are too uptight and some European women might shock you with their behavior.
  • Russian woman respects men, meaning to bow to their opinions and to take joint decisions. Unlike oriental women, they do not kneel before males but they also don’t humiliate them as it often happens in emancipated society.
  • Russian wives are excellent cooks, and they pay attention to the order and cleanliness of the house, whether you have a housekeeper or not.
  • They are faithful and take care of children well. A Russian wife is monogamous by nature but she usually demands the same from her partner.
  • They pay attention to their education, expertise, and all-round development to be sweet talkers.


  • A language barrier is probable since not all Russians know English well. Indeed, the cost of high-quality English courses or lessons might be too high for them.
  • They are too attached to their numerous relatives and you will have to both accept and respect them. Otherwise, you risk losing your soul mate because if she has to choose between a man and a family, the first one has no chances.
  • Offline-dating to know each other better is a problem because of a large distance. You’ll have to invite her to your residence or take an expensive trip.
  • Plenty of sexy Russian women still dream about moving to advanced economies and use foreigners as a golden pass to a better life. That’s why the soon divorce or other troubles are possible.
  • They might be jealous and suspicious but it doesn’t matter if a man isn’t going to cheat.

How to Date Russian Women

International marriage has become popular nowadays. Looking for Russian women for marriage or dating, bear in mind the following tips to ensure safe and enjoyable online communication:

The first challenge that foreign men usually face is how to attract the Russian woman’s attention. Most of the dating platforms offer a standard set of opportunities in the format of virtual gifts or emoji. Some of them even have hints – templates of compliments, taglines, and other picks that aim to facilitate communication.

However, they are not enough if you want to win the heart of the Russian bride. Such platitudes as “You are so beautiful!” don’t work since they know that they are beautiful and sexy. That’s why everything is a bit more complicated. Speaking about dating in reality, a man should look flawlessly in terms of his clothes and shoes. It’s not about high-end brand clothing but more about neat and well-groomed look including haircut and nails. And don’t go overboard with accessories!

Then, it’s crucial to understand that a single Russian women often dreams about not rich but reliable soul mate. Playboys are not valid anymore. They prefer that there’s authority so to feel more protected that’s why bravery, kindness, and gentleness is a win-win combination in front of Russian singles.

Once you’ve impressed her with your neat appearance and aura of a superhero, it’s the right time for romantic phrases, compliments, champagne and other attributes of courtship.

What Do Russian Brides Like?

Now, let’s look through the list of these girls’ preferences to ensure that you will be able to break the ice.

  • Flowers on the first date, and the second one, and throughout life are essential.
  • Famous restaurants will give you some points.
  • Traveling and active rest are the most often encountered hobbies.
  • Surprises and unexpected invitations, romantic and even extraordinary courtesy, will be the most fabulous presents.
  • Exciting and cheerful partners are highly respected.
  • Tolerance and patience are among the best men’s features.

Certainly, tastes differ, but the general profile is rather illustrative. Russian wives won’t require diamonds and other valuable gifts, but at the same time, they hate cheapskates.

Where and How To Meet and Attract Russian Brides in 2020?

To find a Russian wife, you can spend a fortune on a very long voyage and try to make your delectable acquaintance right in the street or in a café. However, you’ll probably fail. What’s the solution?

  • Thousands of Russian girls create their profiles on dedicated platforms since they prefer to stay away from strangers (they are not naive and informed about potential dangers quite well).
  • As a rule, they have no opportunity to leave their country for searching for a fiancée abroad because of business, job or lack of money.
  • Foreigners usually visit Just a few Russian cities that make it almost impossible to meet an American or European partner in plenty of areas of the country.
  • Reputable dating websites if the cheapest and the most reliable way of realizing a dream. We don’t mean primitive hookup apps overcrowded with scammers. You should choose the best platform that can provide you with a wide range of real profiles.

The modern dating market features many services to choose from that’s why consider the following benchmarks to register on a credible platform.

How to Choose Legit and Reliable Russian Dating Website?

Russian women for sale on Russian dating sites might turn into a great trouble if you opt for the illegitimate firm. Let’s see how to recognize honest and large companies. The latter is also crucial since some small websites or “new kids on the block” cannot offer a desired variety of profiles. Besides, they often lack functionality and special features.

User reviews

If you spotted a Russian dating agency, pay attention to the members’ reviews. Try to look through the reviews and testimonials that people place on third-party reputable websites – Quora, Reddit, CNET, and others. Consider not only stars that indicate rates but also the texts of reviews. Some people might be just resentful because of the personal bad experience. Try to bear in mind objective comments and observations concerning a certain platform’s feature (design, navigation, profile quality, etc.).

Quantity of members

Choose Russian dating sites that feature impressively large communities. The more members it has the larger your chances to get a perfect match. It means you can communicate with dozens of hot Russian women and continue your search simultaneously.

Personal data protection

Dating websites are the best places for a meeting if they are safe. First, SSL encryption is necessary to ensure privacy, authentication, and data integrity in Internet communications. Then, the administration of the website should track fake accounts and scammers to remove them from the system.


Some platforms state their completely free use and membership saving people’s money but not time. The lack of fees for special features or messaging results in toms of scammers and fake accounts. Besides, the usability and design of these websites are below average. They usually come with plenty of annoying ads but cannot provide visitors with relevant content.

So, as you see, it’s better to opt for freemium agencies that offer free registration and profile creation but charge for messaging and premium options. The average prices are in the following range:

  • $10 –$60 for a 1-month plan.
  • $20 –$150 for a 3-month premium membership.
  • $40 –$250 for a 6-month subscription.

The evaluation of pricing is somewhat subjective since it’s a matter of every member’s budget. One can make his assessment of paid plans when he compares them with extras. Indeed, it’s great to focus on the website that offers more exciting specialties for a more affordable price.

Mobile version

Mobile versions and downloadable applications is an indicator of any decent Russian dating website. Besides, they should feature top quality and duplicate the functionality of desktop sites. Any app should protect the source code with encryption and network connections on the backend. Besides, photo and video verification are meaningful.

The mobile application is one of the dating site’s quality criteria. Consider their following conveniences:

  • Top-notch usability.
  • Interaction via chats.
  • Sending gifts.
  • Sharing of photos.
  • Setting up of video link.
  • Instant messages and notifications.
  • Integration with your social media profile.
  • User-friendly search based on the profile’s filters.

Some services have only responsive websites that can adapt to the mobile device’s requirements. Others come with separately developed mobile versions. The key point is security, convenience and full functionality of the service to provide you with seamless dating experience directly from your mobile gadget.

The 5 Best Russian Dating Sites and Apps That Really Work!

  • Members: 26235
  • Best for: Relationships with a Russian girl
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  • Members: 18821
  • Best for: Dating with a Russian girl
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  • Members: 17625
  • Best for: Marriage with a Russian girl
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  • Members: 13445
  • Best for: Chatting with a Slavic woman
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  • Members: 14322
  • Best for: Marriage with a Russian girl
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TOP-10 Hot Russian Women

We've all heard about hot Russian women but a few of us have met them in reality. Consider the following examples of beautiful Russian women profiles to get a first-hand insight into their uniqueness. Now, let’s take a closer look at the girls’ profiles.

Ksenia Sukhinova

Basic info:

  • Born: August 26, 1987
  • Astrological sign: Virgo
  • Instagram account: @kseniasukhinova

The Russian Paris Hilton from Moscow is a model and an actress who became a Miss World in 2008. He took part in a famous reality TV show and currently, she works as a titleholder of Russian TV. She devotes much time to the public service and has a contract with L'Oreal Professionnel. Ksenia is fond of sport, dancing, and she has a degree in the field of management and informatics in technical systems.

The girl is sure that love gifts bright colors and gives our lives meaning. She is not married yet and she dreams about a credible man that would love both her appearance and personality. She is fully open to new relationships.

Irina Shake

  • Born: January 6, 1986
  • Astrological sign: Capricorn
  • Instagram account: @irinashayk

Irina is a Russian model that is photographed for the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” magazine. Not long ago she modeled for Givenchy Jeans. The girl came into being in the family of a miner and a schoolteacher. Since her father died when she was 14, Irina used to work hard to take on the world. That’s why she takes an active part in charity and financially helps the maternity hospital in her native city. Besides, she fundraises money to provide surgery for sick children.

Irina was married once and had a serious relationship a year ago. Now she is in search of new love and hopes to obtain a new cozy home to share it with a true soul mate.

Anastasiya Kvitko

  • Born: November 25, 1994
  • Astrological sign: Saggitarius
  • Instagram account: @anastasiya_kvitko

Anastasiya Kvitko is often called the Russian Kim Kardashian. She is a model and a photoblogger on Instagram. She's curvy and doesn’t shy to showcase her beauty in a spicy manner. Nastya is a successful model that advertises lingerie, fashions, girdles, and corrective underwear. The model has never got plastic surgery and she trains regularly to keep shape but she is not on a diet. However, she abandoned meat for seafood, fruit, and vegetables. Anastasiya is the number three ranking of the sexiest women in Russia.

Anyuta Rai

  • Born: June 21, 1990
  • Astrological sign: Cancer
  • Instagram account: @anyuta_rai

Anyuta is a well-known blogger and model. She is a self-motivated person that can overcome any obstacle and achieve any purpose. The girl is from the Ural; she came into being and grew up in a friendly family. From the very childhood, Anyuta paid attention to painting, gymnastics, and dancing. She has graduated from the Russian Academy of Architecture and Art and she is dreaming of a design career. Now Anyuta is fond of fitness and yoga, and she enjoys walking out in the fresh air.

Maryana Ro

  • Born: October 7, 1999
  • Astrological sign: Libra
  • Instagram account: @maryanaro

Maryana is a video blogger and a leader of the Russian YouTube. She was born in the Far East in the family of successful entrepreneurs. When she was 9 years old, she left her native land for Japan. Her video clips are very bright and memorable because she always tries to feed them with good feelings. She has a great sense of humor and cheerful disposition. Despite the heavy make-up, Maryana Ro looks pretty and natural, attractive and charismatic.

The girl is fond of Japanese culture and music. She is keen on mythology and reads many books about mythical creatures. Besides, she adores reading psychological literature. She also creates songs and appears in movies.

Inessa Shevchuk

  • Born: May 15, 1994
  • Astrological sign: Taurus
  • Instagram account: @i.s.nesquik

The beautiful Russian model takes part in various TV projects and pays much attention to her Instagram. When she was a little girl, she was fond of painting and even graduated from art school. She worked as a model and was in a beauty pageant. Inessa is well educated: she speaks Chinese fluently, knows about art, and has an eye for fashion. Today, Inessa devoted herself to modeling. The girl is not married but she takes very seriously true relationships.

Oksana Ovsepyan

  • Born: March 23, 1990
  • Astrological sign: Aries
  • Instagram account: @oksana_ovsepyan_111

Oksana is a famous blogger and beautician, the owner of the beauty parlor in Moscow where professionals provide hairdressing, manicure and cosmetics services. She is a successful and self-confident woman who doesn’t fear changes and is available for experimentation. She believes in courtesy and romance, leads a healthy lifestyle and still waits for her faithful soul mate.

Dasha Belize

  • Born: March 22, 1988
  • Astrological sign: Aries
  • Instagram account: @dashabelize

Dasha is a slim, fragile, longhaired, and blue-eyed princess. When she was a young girl, Dasha collaborated with modeling agencies and soon reached a great success. Despite her frank Instagram, the girl prefers to remain silent about her private life. She is full of surprises and unexpected discoveries. She is remarkable for her perfect package and stylish podium appearance. She is free and independent that’s why she is looking for equal partnership in either career and personal relationship.

Diana Melison

  • Born: January 13, 1993
  • Astrological sign: Capricorn
  • Instagram account: @di_melison

Diana is a professional freelance model, a starter actress, a popular video and Instagram blogger, and a DJ. During her high school years, she was fond of literature and enjoyed reading the classics. Then, she entered a university and got a profession of the economic manager. She started modeling at the age of 18 and until now, many famous modeling agencies invite her for photoshoot even though the girl doesn’t want to contract with any of them. Diana plays music in various nightclubs and her fans predict great success for her in this field of art.

Sasha Markina

  • Born: February 20, 1993
  • Astrological sign: Pisces
  • Instagram account: @markina

Sasha is a model and Instagram blogger. She became popular very early but fame didn’t spoil her character. The girl is also remarkable for her natural beauty and touching modesty. She conducts an active way of life but keeps her privacy under lock and key. She does not believe that a man must support financially support a woman but his social grace, great sense of humor and intelligence are much more important.


Russian mail order brides are a tempting prospect that might turn into a sparkling reality. To win a Russian heart, the men should be reliable and cheerful, neat and witty, outstanding and genuine. However, despite all his advantages and attractive features, a man should use credible dating platforms to outreach true brides but not scammers. Take your time to choose the best Russian girl that meets your preferences and perceptions of ideal married life.

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