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Russian Brides: the Treasures You’ll Cherish

More and more men these days choose to marry beautiful Russian brides rather than commit to one of their local matches — and, with a good reason. Hot Russian women are not just exquisitely beautiful; they are also excellent homemakers and caring mothers. Besides, if we’re completely frank — they are less spoiled than most Western ladies, and while they do know their worth, they still make better life partners.

As it happens, couples that met over a dating agency have more respect and appreciation for their partners, and such marriages tend to last longer as a result. In fact, very few couples who’ve met over Russian mail order brides sites end up divorcing, and most of them claim to live the kind of family lives they’ve always dreamed about. Find out why this happens, why Russian women for marriage are so highly-esteemed in the West, and how you can easily find the wife of your dreams in the paragraphs below.

Why hot Russian brides are so popular in the West

There are plenty of reasons why Russian brides are so sought-after, and their delicate beauty is only one of them. It is true that Russian girls invest a lot of effort in choosing beautiful clothes, applying makeup even as they stop by a store, and exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. However, beauty and good physical shape are not always enough, and single men still wonder — do Russian women make good wives? We think so, and here is why:

They are good cooks and excellent homemakers

One of the major reason why so men want to meet hot Russian brides and marry one of those gorgeous ladies is a simple fact that they make very good homemakers. We don’t know a lot about Russian cuisine, even though it has a long and rich history. Cooking is often a passion for beautiful Russian women, and they gladly experiment with new dishes, constantly improving on already existing recipes. Besides, they strive to cook healthy food, so a man lucky enough to marry one of the Russian women brides can forget about frozen pizza and canned soup.  As for the rest of their homemaking skills, most Russian brides create the kind of routine that allows them to keep their homes clean and carefully organized.

<h3>They can care about children without spoiling them

One more reason to join a Russian brides club in search of a perfect wife is that a wife from Russia will also make an amazing mother. In their culture, children are raised with all the care and attention they need; still, Russian wives do everything in their power to raise unspoiled children. The concept of responsibility and accepting the consequences for their actions is something Russian mommies will teach their kids — often, as soon as the child starts talking. If you’ve always wanted to have resourceful, educated, and self-sufficient kids, you will most likely achieve this kind of effect with a Russian wife by your side.

They can combine household chores with a full-time job

Another character trait most single men would appreciate is that Russian mail order wives can easily combine running a house, raising children and working a full-time job. So, if you had any concerns about marrying a foreigner and having to support her (as well as any children you may have) till the end of your days, relax. Single Russian women are perfectly capable of earning their own living, and they do not see any reason why this situation needs to change after they get married. On the other hand, they are not against performing traditionally female roles if this seems a better, more justified alternative. Simply put, if you wanted to marry a traditional housewife, it’s also an option on mail order Russian brides sites.

They are smart and nice to be around

When you date Russian women — even if you’re only dating them online — you cannot but notice their witty sense of humor and intelligent remarks on almost anything you’ve got to say. These women have very keen minds, and they are observant by nature. It does not matter if you’re talking to a young girl or mature lady, we are almost certain — her vibrant personality will make an impression. Most ladies you meet will be educated and smart, and chances are — you’ll learn a thing or two from them even as you chat online. Bottom line, even if you can’t find your perfect match for whatever reason (which, by the way, we find very unlikely), your Russian women online dating experience will still be an exciting adventure and a precious memory you’ll cherish.

How do Russian mail order brides agencies work?

If by now you are confident you want to meet some Russian brides online, there are certain things you should know about online dating in general and using an international marriage site in particular. For starters, there are plenty of dating services you can use for free, but sticking to free platforms is associated with certain risks. Most importantly, not all profiles on free sites are verified, so you can’t even be sure if the ladies you’re talking to are real. A free dating website is indeed free, but the downside is that it’s also free of any responsibility for user activity on their website.

Using a professional marriage site, on the other hand, is a paid experience; the upside is that single gentlemen take fewer risks. In fact, there are barely any risks at all because professional websites verify every bride’s profile and regularly check in with the ladies to ensure their profiles have not been hacked, broken, or neglected. If the management finds an inactive or a fraudulent profile, it gets suspended. For the same reason, response rates on professional dating services are also higher than on free platforms — they simply have more active users.

Increased security aside, most Russian mail order brides sites are not that different from any other dating website you’ve ever seen. All users have a chance to sign up for free, fill in their profiles, and use a search engine to look for potential matches. After that, even free members will see a preview of the eligible brides’ profiles — up until this point, a reputable website should not charge you a dime.

However, to reach out to one of the ladies, you’ll need to get a premium subscription — if, of course, the site runs on a subscription basis. While this is the most common option in the online dating world, some platforms still charge clients for every message they send or read. In such a case, you’ll either need to pre-purchase some virtual coins to spend on communication or top off your account balance.

We, however, would not suggest using a platform that charges on a per-service basis — not unless you plan to communicate a lot. Sometimes, it’s more budget-friendly to purchase a fixed-price plan and enjoy unlimited communication with hot Russian brides. Besides, the longer you subscribe for, the cheaper the cost of each month will be. In contrast, paying for every service is not associated with any discounts.

Besides, most reputable websites will offer clients a set of features not included in the subscription. For example, commercial websites should be able to help you arrange a trip to Russia to meet one or several ladies you find interesting. And, if you decide to get married to one of the beautiful Russian women you meet online, an agency should also offer a hand with any legal paperwork you may need.

Simply put, a professional marriage agency assumes way more responsibility than a free dating website, which is why they have a perfectly viable reason to charge customers for their services. Besides, most subscriptions cost within $20-50 per month, which is not that much — especially if you compare this modest amount to the cost of going on traditional dates.

How to figure out if the dating site is reliable?

Of course, no one is totally protected from coming across an ill-intended platform, so you should still keep a clear head rather than register with the first Russian brides site that pops in your search results. First — avoid websites that offer you to buy a Russian bride, as well as sites that guarantee 100% success rate. When it comes to buying a bride, the explanation should be obvious — human trafficking is illegal, and all Russian brides use dating services out of their own free will. So, they are also free to choose any husbands they like.

As for the 100% guarantee, no one can promise you that. Sites may try to boost your chances of finding a successful match by providing extensive, carefully calculated search algorithms. They can run security checks to eliminate fake or fraudulent accounts. They can provide interactive communication means and even hire translators to make sure your communication with a potential bride runs smoothly. Still, no one in this world can guarantee that you will find ‘The One.’ The process is just too fortuitous for any promises of the sort.

Besides, we recommend paying attention to a couple of other features that usually indicate a reliable platform:

  • Website design and navigation: any reputable service should have a clean and easy to navigate interface. You should be able to find all the essential communication features in one place, and it should be easy for you to search for other users. The more search parameters the site allows users to define, the better.
  • Free perks vs. paid ones: we already mention that sign-up process, profile preview, as well as setting your search parameters should be free of charge. Communication features are to be paid for; so, avoid sites that try to charge for anything but communication. Also, check out if the platform has any free perks you can make use of. Those are rare, but occasionally you can come across a free trial or couple of complimentary messages.
  • Profile quality: most importantly, pay attention to user profiles. Do not be surprised if all pictures seem to be professionally taken — this is actually a sign that you join a reputable service. Most dating agencies that care about their reputation will supply brides with a photo shoot, which explains high profile quality. Besides, they urge ladies to include detailed descriptions of themselves in all profile fields available. So, whatever Russian brides are writing in their profiles is another aspect to focus on.
  • User feedback: it’s not hard to post a dozen of praising testimonials on your website page, so we suggest you focus on social media and independent review sites. Take those comments well-salted as well. Besides, remember that it’s not possible to please every client, so do not take negative feedback too seriously either. Instead, try to focus on the features that matter for you — whether it’s high response rate or plenty of seductive brides to choose from.
  • Legal terms and conditions: this may be an excruciatingly boring read, but we still suggest you deal with it. At the very least, make sure the website has a legal address (it does not necessarily have to be a Russian one) and a phone number. Actually, there should be more channels to reach site management, as well as their support team — and we recommend chatting with someone just to see how responsive their team is.

Making a note of these tips will surely help you find a reliable dating agency. There are plenty of those, so a little research is just a precautionary measure you should take before subscribing for a paid membership plan. When you do find a site like this, you’re all set to start chatting with single Russian women — and maybe, one these beautiful ladies will not stay single for long.