Costa Rica Women Dating: How These Women Enchant Men Worldwide?

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Costa Rica women are among the hottest and most beautiful women in the world according to a recent survey. Let’s find out what makes them so special? First of all, we should mention that Costa Rica women are known as Ticas. Though Spanish is the official language of the country, Costa Rica women also speak fluent English. This is great news for you if you plan to visit Costa Rica, though to impress these beauties you should also consider learning Spanish. Costa Rica girls have beautifully shaped body, healthy and well-groomed hair, full lips, and deep brown eyes. They conquer the hearts of men with their exotic beauty and kind personality. 

Are Dating Sites Popular Among Costa Rica Women?

You may think why do Costa Rica women sign up for online dating websites in search for a partner? And if they are so connected to their families and respect their traditions, why do they become Costa Rica mail order brides? First of all, the choice to marry a foreigner is personal. A Costa Rica girl may love a particular culture, for example, France, and dream about living in that country. So, she can get registered in a Costa Rica dating platform and search for someone from France. Secondly, according to traditions, Costa Rica singles should live with their parents until they get married and create their own family. Having jobs and doing household chores don’t leave any free time for going out and having the chance to meet their significant other.    

Why are Costa Rica So Beautiful To Foreign Men?

The exotic appearance of sexy Costa Rica women is the main reason why foreign men find them beautiful. However, there is a saying that inner beauty is more important than the outer one. What if we say that Costa Rica girls possess both inner and outer beauty? They are a part of Latin culture, which means that they are family-centered. Costa Rica wives are loyal and devoted to their husbands, and moms are the most caring ones. 

Differences Between a Costa Rica Woman and Other Women

Every nationality has its typical traits. You may think that Costa Rica girls are like other girls in the world, but you’ll be surprised to know that what works for Western women, for example, doesn’t work for Costa Rica women at all. This can refer to both positive and negative traits. Among the positive features that make hot Costa Rica women different from other women, we should mention the following points:

  • Costa Rica women are family-oriented. Family is an essential value in this culture, and relatives – families of uncles, aunts and, cousins, stay close and connected. 
  • Hot Costa Rica girls mostly speak fluent English. The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish however, Costa Rica girls are good at English as well. We also strongly recommend you to learn Spanish if you want to impress your future Costa Rica bride. 
  • Costa Rica girls are open-minded. Costa Rica is a developing country that still sticks to its traditions and cultural values, but sexy Costa Rica girls are as open-minded and modern as Western women, for example. 

Alongside the positive traits, Costa Rica singles have some features that can be disappointing. 

  • Costa Rica girls are late for dates. In the culture of Costa Rica, being late for dates or events, in general, for half an hour or an hour is quite normal. So, if you have a date at 7 pm, don’t hurry to be there at 7 pm sharp because the girl will show up only by 8 pm.
  • There are many professional prostitutes in Costa Rica. You should be alert all the time and doublethink before asking a girl out because she can be a professional prostitute who hooks up with foreigners to make money.  
  • Not every Yes really means Yes. You may come across a situation when you see a hot Costa Rica girl and ask for her number, but later, when you try to call her, it says the number is invalid. The problem is that Costa Rica women don’t like to reject someone directly, they pretend that the answer is yes, you can call me, but it’s an obvious no. 

How to Date Costa Rica Women Successfully

To catch the attention of Costa Rica women and date them successfully, you should understand Costa Rica dating culture. There is a list of dos and don’ts which you had better follow. First of all, if you look for Costa Rica women for marriage, you should stay away from prostitutes, which, unfortunately, are many in San Jose and other cities. When Costa Rica girls promise to go out with you or give you their phone numbers, it doesn’t mean that they’ll show up, or the number is valid. Don’t be mad if you appear in such a situation because Costa Rica brides don’t like to reject a man directly.

What are Costa Rica Brides Like?

If you completed the stages of finding and dating a Costa Rica girl and you’re in the phrase of considering proposing her, it’s reasonable to do some search about what kind of brides and wives Costa Rica women are. 

  • Costa Rica brides are family-oriented. Families used to have from ten to fifteen children, but nowadays, they have fewer children – from two to four or five at the most. Costa Rica wives take care of the whole family, raise the children, do household tasks, and at the same time, work to earn money.
  • Costa Rica wives and husbands are equal. The Husband is the head of the family in Costa Rica culture, but spouses have equal rights to make important decisions.
  • Costa Rica brides are loyal. For a Costa Rica woman, marriage vows are very serious. Costa Rica people are devout Catholics, and if women promise God to stay loyal to their husbands and support them in everything, then they’ll keep their promise.
  • Costa Rica women combine family and work. If previously married women were only housewives, their lives have changed for the better. Costa Rica women get managing positions and concentrate on their careers. They try to find a balance between work and household duties. 

Where and How To Meet Costa Rica Brides in 2020

The ways of meeting your future Costa Rica wife are not many, taking into consideration that you two live in different countries. But in the age of technology, it’s unnecessary to talk about the distance because the world is literally in your palm. Here are the best ways we would recommend: 

  • The best way of dating a Costa Rica girl is by using the services of Costa Rica dating sites. Usually, Costa Rica women are very responsive so, you won’t have any problem with starting a conversation. Since the official language of the country is Spanish, you may also need to speak decent Spanish.
  • The second best choice could be using the services of marriage agencies. Of course, you need to pay them for their job but think of it as a guaranty of your safety and the authenticity of the information you receive about the girl.    
  • And finally, if you trust neither a Costa Rica dating agency nor dating websites, then you should take the matter into your own hands. Costa Rica is a nice sunny country, and you can go there as a tourist or on a business trip. If you are a fan of nightlife, then pubs and clubs are the most suitable places for meeting Costa Rica girls. If you prefer a more peaceful atmosphere, then parks are the best option.

How to Choose Legit and Reliable Costa Rica Dating Website

Before making a final decision on joining a Costa Rica dating site, you should make a thorough research to find out more about the platform’s reliability and legitimacy. Check if the website corresponds to the following criteria:  

  • What if you sign up and not find what you’re looking for? Before starting the signup process, a quality Costa Rica dating agency should show you an album of profiles to prove that the platform contains authorized profiles and real users.
  • Besides the website, the best places for meeting Costa Rica brides should also have physical locations and phone numbers, which proves that the agency is officially registered. Also note that due to the availability of the internet, many companies work internationally so, the address of the website doesn’t have to be Costa Rican. 
  • The Costa Rica women for sale should have verified profiles, realistic photos, and detailed account. Many women want to look beautiful and upload photos of a professional photo shoot, but you should be able to see the differences between the photos of real people and the photos of Playboy models. 
  • The website should describe the service it offers and their prices. You may come across many profiles of hot Costa Rica women and have the desire to talk with them. You should be allowed to choose the way of communication – text messages or video calls, and the bill charged for your communication should be transparent. 

User Reviews

Normally people leave feedback on the services they used or the products they bought. As a rule, negative feedbacks are more than positive ones because people tend to raise their voice about low-quality services. These feedbacks and user reviews are excellent guides for the people who plan to use the same services. So, if want to know whether Costa Rica dating sites are trustworthy or not, you had better rely on user testimonials. 

Quantity of Members

The size of the platform is very important, the larger it is, the more trustworthy it is. Websites with a large user base inspire credibility, and in addition to this, the platform also pays attention to its security, the quality of services, customer support, and so on. Besides, even if some part of the users is males, you’ll still have bigger chances of meeting sexy Costa Rica girls. 

Personal Data Protection

There are several reported cases when hackers stole the personal data of millions of users of a dating website. To avoid these kinds of unpleasant situations, you should make sure that the website you plan to sign up for has a strong security system and an alert security team. In addition to this, stay away from fake profiles, block spam messages, and change your password as often as possible. 


An important criterion of choosing a reliable Costa Rica dating site is the detailed description of prices. Websites may offer prepaid or postpaid services, and in both cases, the prices and the range of services available for each subscription plan should be understandable for users. The membership of some Costa Rica dating sites are budget – 12 USD per month, for example, and the prices of some websites are quite expensive – 36 USD per month.

Mobile version

The development of mobile applications is not cheap, and if the website invests in it, it’s a true proof that the company cares about the comfort of its users and the quality of its services. Make sure that Costa Rica dating sites you want to sign up for have either a mobile version or a mobile app. It can be another argument for the credibility of the platform. 

The 5 Best Costa Rica Dating Sites And Apps That Work!

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  • Best for: Meeting a Latin woman
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TOP-10 Hot Costa Rica Women 2020

You won’t realize the benefits of Costa Rica dating sites unless you practically use them. But in case you still have doubts about whether it’s worth dating beautiful Costa Rica women or not, we have prepared for you a list of top-10 hot Costa Rica women. You may want to check our list before making the final decision.

Jessica Umana

  • Born: January 2, 1988
  • Astrological Sign: Capricorn

This hot Costa Rica beauty is a model and the beauty queen of Miss Costa Rica 2009. After winning the title she participated in Miss Universe 2009 representing her country. She was among the favorites, and there were chances of winning, but Jessica began gaining weight, and she couldn’t classify.  

Veronica Gonzalez

  • Born: January 22, 1983
  • Astrological Sign: Aquarius
  • Instagram Account: @veronicagonzalez24

This hot Costa Rica beauty is a model, Miss Costa Rica 2007 beauty pageant titleholder, and TV presenter. Before participating in Miss Costa Rica 2007 beauty contest, she took part in several contests and won the Queen of Fruits and Miss Alajuela titles. In 2004 Veronica participated in Miss Latin International World held in Canada and won the crown. She began her career as a TV presenter in 2011. Currently, she is a presenter at Giros by Repretel.

Pamela Alfono

  • Born: June 7, 1994
  • Astrological Sign: Gemini
  • Instagram Account: @pamelaalfaro07

This hot Costa Rica woman is a successful model, the proof of which is the huge army of followers in her Instagram account. Before coming to fame, she used to enjoy posting choreography videos on YouTube. She loves dancing and also began boxing as a hobby. In 2018 she participated in Combate and, more particularly, in the Costa Rican version of it. As for her personal life, she is married to Audie Alexandre Ariza Valera, with whom they have two children. 

Nazareth Cascante

  • Born: October 20, 1990
  • Astrological Sign: Libra
  • Instagram Account: @nazacascante

Nazareth Cascante is a hot Costa Rica beauty queen and model. After winning the title of Miss Costa Rica 2012, she represented Costa Rica in the United Stated at the beauty pageant Miss Universe 2012. For winning the Miss Costa Rica contest, she received 7 000 USD, a luxurious car, and other things as a prize. Aside from being a model, this hot Costa Rica woman also studied pharmaceuticals.   

Madeleine Stowe

  • Born: August 18, 1958
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Instagram Account: @madeleinestowe

Madeleine Stowe is an American actress whose father comes from a prominent Costa Rica family. She was born and grew up in Los Angeles. She played her first role in the drama series Bretta, but she came to fame only in 1987 with her role in the movie Stakeout. Later on, this hot Costa Rica actress portrayed characters in many movies such as Bad Girls, We Were Soldiers, and won the National Society of Film Critics Award in 1993.

Maribel Guardia

  • Born: May 29,1958
  • Astrological Sign: Gemini
  • Instagram Account: @maribelguardia

This hot Costa Rica woman aside from being a beauty queen and model is also an actress and singer. In 1978 she won the title of Miss Costa Rica, which gave her the right to participate in both Miss Universe 1978 and Miss World 1978 representing her country. In 1980 this hot Costa Rica woman moved to Mexico to pursue her career as an actress and singer. She received roles in Mexican soap operas and recorded a few albums.

Karina Ramos

  • Born: July 14, 1993
  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Instagram Account: @karyramoss

Karina is a hot Costa Rica beauty queen, model, and TV host. In 2012 she began studying radio and television, but deep in her heart, she knew that modeling was her true passion. In 2013 she competed for the crown of Miss Costa Rica and won acquiring the right to represent her country in Miss Universe 2014. This hot Costa Rica girl is also the CEO of a modeling agency that prepares girls for beauty contests. 

Leonora Jimenez

  • Born: January 1, 1983
  • Astrological Sign: Capricorn
  • Instagram Account: @leonorajimenez

Leonora is a hot Costa Rica model and a beauty queen. She won the crown of Miss Asia Pacific International 2005, but after being revealed that she also participated in Miss World 2005, she was dethroned, and the crowned passed to the 1st runner up. As a model, she appeared in several promos and worked with world-famous brands such as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and so on. Aside from her modeling career, this hot Costa Rica woman is also a successful businesswoman. She owns a beauty salon and the Tiffi store. 

Fabiana Granados

  • Born: March 8, 1990
  • Astrological Sign: Pisces
  • Instagram Account: @fabianagranados

Fabiana is a hot Costa Rica model and Miss Costa Rica 2013 titleholder. She participated in many beauty contests, including the Miss American Continent 2012 beauty pageant, where she took sixth place. In 2013 she participated in Miss Costa Rica 2013 beauty contest and won the crown, which gave her the right to represent Costa Rica in Miss Universe 2013, where she was on the list of top beauties.

Johanna Solano

  • Born: October 9, 1990
  • Astrological Sign: Libra
  • Instagram Account: @johasolano

This hot Costa Rica woman is a beauty queen, model, and TV host. Johanna started her modeling career at a very young age, and already at the age of 21, she was crowned as Miss Costa Rica 2011. This title gave her the right to represent her country in beauty pageant Miss Universe 2011. She didn’t receive the title of Miss Universe but was among top-10 beauties.


The tourists that visit Costa Rica admire not only the beautiful nature and sunny beaches of the country but also the exotic Latin beauty of Costa Rica women. Since Ticas are quite open-minded about online dating, you can find them in popular Costa Rica dating sites. Online dating gives the advantage of meeting your Costa Rica dream girl and building a relationship, mutual trust, and strong feelings for each other. Our review aimed to help you to find your Costa Rica bride, and if we succeeded, we heartily congratulate you!

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